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VGA optical transceiver with PS2 or USB for keyboard and mouse

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VGA optical transceiver with PS2 or USB for keyboard and mouse
VGA optical transceiver with PS2 or USB for keyboard and mouse

High-definition digital VGA optical transceiver is one of my company independent research and development innovation products, VGA optical transceiver is made of the transmitter (VGA - T) and receiver (VGA - R), which could VGA, Audio, PS / 2, such as signal over single fiber. In system application, often need to transmit the VGA digital video signals, audio signals, PS / 2, and others to a long distance, without distortion of the parallel transmission signal; But using ordinary cable, there is always the poor output signal in a long distance transport. Displayed image will appear the phenomenon such as fuzzy, tail, color separation; In addition for short transmission distance  need more cables to transmit these signals at the same time, which can not meet the requirement of the applications of long distance transmission system; Using optical transceiver for transmission, completely solve such problems, the signal transmission distance is 1-80 km. At the same time, the optical transceiver attenuation is small, wide frequency band, strong anti-jamming performance, safety performance is high, the advantages of small volume, light weight, so in the long distance transmission has unmatched advantage and special environment.

High-definition digital optical transceiver has been widely used in various large-scale multimedia hd display, information release and news center, traffic induction and information display system, outdoor display system, large stage shows and entertainment center, on live TV, multimedia conference, military command and exercises, and other fields.

By the way, we could also do DVI optical transceiver with PS2 or USB for speical use.

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