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CCTV Video over Fiber Optics applications

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CCTV Video over Fiber Optics applications
CCTV Video over Fiber Optics applications

Beijing Fiber Linker Fiber optic transmission systems are frequently used in CCTV installations for transmitting CCTV video over fiber, PTZ camera control data, access control communications and many other purposes. Main advantage of using fiber optic communications is longer transmission distances when compared to traditional copper cable lines. Also use of fiber optic communications introduces additional security for the transmission line - picking up the signal without interrupting the signal flow and decoding the actual optical signal is much harder task than doing it with traditional electrical transmission. Additionally fiber optic transmission provides full electrical decoupling and isolation between the source of the signal and it's receiver.

All Beijing Fiber Linker's CCTV video over fiber products feature, full compliance with applicable standards, multi-mode, single-mode and CWDM versions, detailed LED indicators for every vital function of every device, plug-and-play use and installation, and cross compatibility with other  fiber optic products.

We are the ideal choice for all your CCTV Camera Video over Fiber Optics needs with DVI fiber optical transmitter, HDMI fiber extender, SDI optical transmitter, Broadcasting video and audio fiber transmitter, HDMI IP extender, SDI encoder, HDMI to SDI converter, Fiber media converter and so on

Typical Applications:
• Government / Military Base Security / Surveillance
• Hospital / Corporate Security / Surveillance
• Hotel / Casino Security / Surveillance
• Airport Security / Surveillance
• Policing Facilities
• Traffic Analyses / Monitoring


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