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what is the advantage of VGA Optical Transceiver (VGA Extender over fiber)

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what is the advantage of VGA Optical Transceiver (VGA Extender over fiber)

      VGA Optical Transceiver (VGA Extender over fiber) is pure digital transmission mode through the optical fiber, fundamentally overcome the tailing caused by the ordinary copper cable transmission system in the transmission of high frequency band signal, the phenomenon of ghost, etc., clear reproduced image screen. VGA Optical transmission of optical signals, electromagnetic radiation, the system is highly confidential.  VGA Optical Transceiver (VGA Extender over fiber) display device and signal source completely electrically isolated, has a very high anti-interference ability.

    Optical VGA analog or digital computer video signal transmitted through the fiber high-resolution (up to 1600x1200) and there is no loss of image signal is transmitted to the display devices on a few hundred meters or a few kilometers outside the display terminal.

     The VGA signal optical fiber transmission systems compared with traditional analog signal cable transmission, has a distinct advantage in the following areas.

     First. VGA signal long-distance high-quality transmission. As a result of the digital fiber optic transmission, completely eliminates blur and smearing the long-distance transmission signal generated by the analog signal cable. Basic signal transmission reach without loss, clear image reproduction.

    Second. The transmitter and receiver without electrical connection, to achieve complete electrical isolation, and therefore can eliminate ground interference.

    Third. The optical signal is easy to shield, the electromagnetic radiation confidentiality.

    The VGA Digital Optical Transceiver for specific monitoring to the use of computer-based show occasions (such as the Convention Center, the presentation hall, crossing checkpoints, cashier stations, military exercises monitoring station) to the user's computer graphics output content via digital channels over long distances, and transmitted in real time display output demand to the remote terminal equipment (computer monitors, video walls, projectors, etc.), in order to achieve a high-resolution the computer VGA interface signal, without delay, the long-distance fiber-optic communications conversion application, up to a machine (computer) operation, multiterminal (display terminal) display;  VGA Optical Transceiver (VGA Extender over fiber)at the same time can be extended to support the ultra long-range (several kilometers) mouse, keyboard, real-time monitoring and control functions, both remote machine look "and" more than one machine control "solutions.

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