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what is SDI Optical Transceiver(SDI extender over fiber)

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what is SDI Optical Transceiver(SDI extender over fiber)

SDI Optical Transceiver includes ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signal, which is just entering the field of security. In the practical application, it is neither universal, nor familiar to Contractors, and therefore it is only used for special occasions, but with the upgrading of the monitoring system of safe city, highway monitoring, airport monitoring station monitoring, SDI Optical Transceiver or SDI extender over fiber will quickly access to all areas in the near future

First, introduce what is SDI Optical Transceiver or SDI extender over fiber: SDI Optical Transceiver needs to be used by pair with a transmitter, a receiver, which means a device used to convert optical signals and electrical signals. It transmits signal without any compression codec. Its main function is to achieve electricity - light and light - electricity conversion and its purpose is accurate to transmit the original signal to the remote device.

SDI Optical Transceiver includes three types currently.

 SD-SDI Optical Transceiver(SD-SDI extender over fiber):SDI interface is serial digital interface which is used to transmit digital non-compressed video signal.

 HD-SDI Optical Transceiver (HD-SDI extender over fiber): HD-SDI could be compatible with SD-SDI, DVB-ASI could transmit the signal about 30KM by only coaxial-cable. long distances can be customized according to the user's requirements . HD SDI could have the rate of 1.485Gbps, which could be transmitted up to 120KM over HD-SDI Optical Transceiver

3G-SDI Optical Transceiver (3G-SDI extender over fiber): 3G SDI signal has data transfer rate of 3Gbit per second. HDTV can support 30 frames per second progressive scan resolution of 1920 × 1080 format, and 3G can support twice as high than the maximum frame scanning frequency of the HD video signal frequency.3G also could support 60 frames per second HD signal. This is a big difference in the dynamic video viewing.

On above three types of SDI Optical Transceivers, they are based on digital technology; fiber only has “light" and "dull" two states, therefore there is less demanding of linear light source or almost no requirements avoiding the loss of the signal in the process. In addition, the digital SDI Optical Transceivers could achieve multi-channel, the hybrid transmission of a variety of signal easily.

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