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Universalization of digital TV (Digital TV)

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Universalization of digital TV (Digital TV)

    With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, the digital television has become people talk about the most popular topics, while digital television started becoming more common in big cities, in some small town in rural areas, CCTV began the popularization of digital TV why is growing so fast, and CCTV systems compared more advanced, and how it uses and prospects.

1, the concept. Digital TV refers to the type of TV from the studio to the transmitter, transmission, receiving all links are using the digital television signal or the system signal propagation through a digital stream by 0,1 digit string to spread. Because the whole process of the transmission are used to digitally process, Therefore, the signal loss of loss is small, a good reception.

2 classification.

(1) by way of signal transmission: can be divided into terrestrial wireless transmission, satellite transmission, cable transmission.

(2) can be divided by product type: digital TV displays, digital TV set-top boxes, integrated digital TV receiver.

(3) clarity Classification: can be divided into low-definition digital TV, standard-definition digital TV, high-definition digital TV.

(4) Amplitude classified display screen: 4:3 Amplitude ratio and 16:9 Amplitude can be divided into two types.

(5) the number of scanning lines (display format) Classification: can be divided into the HDTV the number of scan lines and SDTV scan lines.

3 advantages. TV technology compared with the original analog TV technology has the following advantages:

(L) the contents of the signal-noise ratio and the number of continuous processing.

(2) to avoid the influence of the nonlinear distortion of the system. Simulation system, the nonlinear distortion caused obvious damage to the image.

(3) reliable digital device output signal.

(4) easy to implement signal storage, and the storage time and the characteristic of the signal contents.

(5) with the computer can be achieved with the use of digital technology, automatic control and adjustment of the equipment.

(6) digital technology can achieve the time-division multiplexed, full use of the capacity of the channel, the use of digital television signals BOC, vertical blanking time, can achieve text multiplex broadcast.

(7) after digital modulation, the compressed digital signal, to watch the television image and sound quality is very close to the studio quality.

(8) may be rational use of various types of spectrum resources.

    (9) in a communication network of the synchronous transfer mode (STM), can achieve a variety of business "dynamic combination."

(10) is easy to implement the encryption / decryption and scrambling / descrambling technique, easy to professional applications (including the military) and broadcast applications

(11) has the scalability Scalability and interoperability, ease of transmission in the various types of communication channels, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network also facilitates computer network Unicom.

(12) with the computer "fusion" constitute a class of multimedia computer systems has become an important part of the future "national information infrastructure" (NII).

4, the function uses.

    With the continuous development of digital television, the function powerful people in accordance with their needs for video-on-demand, online shopping, distance learning, telemedicine, TV to become a veritable information appliances. Provide the most important service is the video-on-demand, it is a new kind of TV ratings, compared with traditional TV, it provides a greater degree of freedom, more options, more interactive ability to send user 's required to see if the user of the points, and effectively improve the program's participatory, interactive, targeted. Foreseeable future most likely is the development direction of the TV-on-demand mode. In addition, the digital TV also provides new uses including data transfer, fax broadcasting, Internet services, real stock transactions, information queries, web surfing, which will greatly expand the functionality of the TV, so the TV from traditional "static" into a "dynamic" mode to exchange.

5, the prospects for the development and direction of development

Along with continuous innovation and development of high-tech world of communications and information technology will lead to changes in the television broadcasting industry chain, digital TV is a key link in this change. Along with the comprehensive digitization of television broadcasting, the traditional television media technology, functional gradually with other means of information and communication field merging to form a new, large digital TV industry. This emerging industry has caused widespread concern, according to their own national conditions, the developed countries were to work out the transition from analog TV to digital TV programs and industrial targets. Digital television has been regarded as a strategic technology for the new century. The digital TV has become the "hot spots" following after another telecommunications detonated IT.

Direction of development:

A large-screen digital TV

Modern living room continues to expand larger user market is also growing demand for large-screen digital TV. The large screen TV is the most popular among young people.

2, high-definition

With the constant increase in TV quality, on-screen, the sound quality, the image of horizontal resolution greater than 800 lines of high-definition digital television (HDTV) has increasingly become the mainstream of the digital TV, the corresponding digital TV set-top boxes as well as the codec chip have to adapt to the requirements of this development.

3, the Internet, digital TV

The Internet has basically universal, but the Internet is not ready to play like a television, still has some limitations, the future direction of the development of digital television is connected to the Internet, consumers no longer have to check the mailbox, send e-mail, online play online games, download and play online video, and even watch streaming video (IPTV), and went to stay in front of the computer, he will be able to directly use the wireless mouse or wireless keyboard to experience all of the above features.

6, mobile digital TV

Mobile digital TV can continue to watch TV in mobile state or non-moving, is a new concept of information-type mobile outdoor digital TV media, is an extension of the traditional TV media. It uses the world's most advanced digital TV technology, through wireless transmitters, ground receiving television programs spread, you can watch any receiving device is installed in the bus, rail, ships and other transportation mobile carrier to DVD-clear Mobile TV screen. Mobile digital TV is also easy to install, and cover a wide range, reflecting the rapid mobility characteristics, which in addition to traditional media publicity and appreciate the functionality, but also bear the city emergency warning, traffic, food, health, quality of goods, and other government security information the task. It covers a wide range of rapid response, highly mobile, able to maintain a clear picture in terms of high-speed mobile or fixed state, walking to see anywhere to watch, great to meet the information needs of the fast-paced society, people .

7, digital TV integrated machine

Currently, sales of digital TV market, said strict sense, is not a digital TV, but digital TV signal display, digital TV and can not directly watch digital TV programs, but also need to draw a line on a set-top box to receive and convert the signal format of the job, if there is no set-top boxes, digital TV resolution and then high to no avail. Therefore, the true digital TV integrated machine desire for continuous research and development to test to market quickly, used in TV information and other urgent needs of users are. We look forward to the rapid advent of this moment.


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