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Three solutions are used in metro video surveillance system

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Three solutions are used in metro video surveillance system

It is understood that the traditional metro video surveillance system uses SD technology. Analog cameras generally can only reach 30 to 40 million pixels pixels, often "recorded live image, but can not see the details of the required" helpless. With the rapid development of security monitoring HD technology, the picture clarity is a substantial increase. More detail needs to improve, more and more recognized by the owners of the operations of the MTR metro police users and professional design institutes and experts.This paper will offer the MTR HD surveillance system slutions.

1. the first  solution is IP surveillance (IP HD Monitoring System) which is the most familiar to international HDTV standards supporting 720P, 1080i, 1080P resolution frame 16:9; using H.264 interframe compression mode, real-time full frame rate.

2, the second solution is evolved to the broadcasting industry standard HDTV uncompressed monitoring system, HD-SDI (1.485G bit / s) which is HD equipment interconnection standard for high-definition video signal as a high-definition camera, HD Optical, HD matrix.

3, the third  solution is based on the core of intelligent vision HD cameras . The HD vision camera to capture high-definition for the main task. Camera sensor selection of high-pixel CCD (pixel main reference index 2000000, 5000000, 8000000, 10000000). Kind of camera-based intra-frame compression (on optional MJPEG or JPEG2000 image encoding scheme), do without delay high-quality, high-definition encoding or delay of the high-compression image coding. The its shortcomings images the proportion rarely support wide 16:9 3 ~ 15fps video fluency, frame rate, the camera interface standard for industrial intelligent vision foundation evolved limitations, not suitable for large-scale video surveillance network construction, support manufacturers less expensive cameras.

As can be seen above, HD monitor never just HD cameras, but a set of system solutions. The planning and construction of the subway HD monitoring system solution of choice needs to be based on the characteristics and the business needs of the subway construction.

· Subway industry characteristics, we must first consider clear requirements for monitoring service quality;

· Clear the scale of the system construction, whether to support the continued expansion of construction, whether the need to control the construction cost;

· In the case of large-scale deployment of business systems reliability does not drop.

Sustained expansion of demand as the intersection of the extension of the subway line and multi-line, subway supervisory and monitoring system openness requirements, while party will have strict control of the system construction costs. Subway surveillance applications of image quality, image delay, the system has high reliability requirements. Regardless of the size of the system, the need to do any image codec delay must be 300ms or less. The dispatch of the wall any image on the station, monitoring center with PC terminal any image scheduling time to less than 500ms. IP HD monitoring system using the above H.264Main Profile image coding techniques, live video image quality, low-latency, investment minimum expansion of simple, low cost, versatility is better, it is a high-definition program ideal for subway operator.

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