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The advantages of HDSDI signal in digital security monitor project

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The advantages of HDSDI signal in digital security monitor project

HD-SDI using high-grade coaxial cable without relay could be up to 100 meters of  transmission distance, in many video non-compression standards is the furthest to bring convenience for on-site use. HD-SDI based on monitoring system mainly has the following advantages:

1. Can do more work on the coaxial cable transmission. Coaxial cable can not only transfer video, you can also transmit audio, control signals coming from PTZ control. Without laying control cable, power is also very likely transmitted via coaxial cable. So truly a variety of signal coaxial cable, saving wiring costs;

2. High level of real-time image.  SDI generation and transmission in the video did not go through the process of compression and packetization and decoding process does not produce high-definition images IP delays in attention particularly suitable for real-time monitoring of the occasion, such as casinos, road traffic;

Using high-quality coaxial cable, connectors use high quality BNC connectors. These are analog and previous monitoring system is fully compatible with the original analog control system as long as the reserved transmission lines can be upgraded to the SDI system, of course, almost all of the original analog systems devices must synchronize updates to the corresponding SDI type of equipment, such as SDI front, SDI Optical, SDI video distributor, SDI matrix, SDI-DVR and so on. Newly constructed almost entirely similar to the original architecture of traditional analog systems for design and construction contractors to provide a great convenience;

3. Undistorted reliability, HD-SDI, as unlike the IP system is a compressed video data in packets transmitted on the network, HD-SDI uncompressed video signal to a coaxial cable transmission, stable and reliable, without distortion;
For the intelligent video analysis to provide the necessary high-quality video signal, uncompressed HD video signals will greatly improve the accuracy of intelligent video analysis;

Now more and more HD security monitor control projects are using HD SDI signle like HD SDI fiber extender, HD SDI optical transceiver, HD SDI camera. It will be the trend market in the future. We just prepare to wait the right time.

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