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Solution competition of HD SDI extender over fiber becomes the main trend

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Solution competition of HD SDI extender over fiber becomes the main trend

In the past few years, competition in the Optical industry is mainly concentrated in the product competition, different product types, there will be a range of competition, such as  HDMI opital transceiver, SDI  extender over fiber, VGA fiber extender, DVI fiber extender, telephone Optical. Each product type will have a number of major companies,  and each has its own focus.

But with the development of IP technology, the competitiveness of a single product on the market is getting smaller and smaller, because of the standards and compatibility issues of the IP system. Manufacturers can not use a single product to gain market recognition. It can not effectively meet customer needs , this inert conditions forcing companies to enrich its product line, in the dark gradually form their own front end to the back-end turnkey solutions, from hardware to software.

On the other hand, the IP technology to enter the market quickly, the user's ability to accept slower, and that there is a mix of state-of-the-art IP, intelligent, high-definition products with traditional analog CCTV products, users understand the system more difficult than can not quickly and accurately with their own products and the formation of the system, this state is also an urgent need to provide customers with one-stop service and overall solutions that enable customers' needs can be met.

It can be said, the Optical industry system solutions development trend is accompanied by digitized footsteps. Around 2003, the day proposed for the telecommunications industry "solutions, advocate to provide customers with a full range of products and solutions, after years of development, the concept has been well-known and recognized by the industry. Development so far, solutions have become the main means of competition, and will continue to be the trend for the next few years.

The development of solutions in the future direction of the industry, specialization and professional modules broke down. On the one hand, the solution increasingly characterized by the characteristics of the industry, such as financial, chemical, education, public facilities, etc.;

Form solutions to the special needs of the industry demand for differentiated; professional on the other hand the module more segments, including the video fiber extenders, optical transceiver. According to the needs of the industry, suppliers will be further refined in different market segments, and focus on the experiences and case accumulation to win the market.

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