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SDI fiber optical transceiver application difference in CCTV and Broadcasting

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SDI fiber optical transceiver application difference in CCTV and Broadcasting

What we often say to customers is what is your project for SDI fiber optical transceiver, since we want to help our customer find most suitable products for their cost and quality.  Now SDI is mostly used in CCTV and Broadcasting. It is also used more and more with the market developping.

In current market, there is two SDI fiber optical transceiver production solution. One is CWDM technology which is uncompressed , another is compressed which have low cost. So for CCTV surveillance projects , compressed may meet customer needs better, since such project need to control the budget. In addition, although SDI fiber optical transceiver is CWDM uncompressed Technology, some manufactures often use old chips ,mainboards, and reduce some potential fucntiona like reclock to control the production cost, and have a competitive price. I want to remind customers test the product stability first.

Business need honesty and sincerity to maintain win-win benefit. Beijing Fiber Linker Communication Co.,Ltd will recommend most suitable product for our clients, and promise the product quality  , stability. We know only this could let us move forward with the support of our clients.

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