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SDI extender over fiber and HD-SDI digital camera application

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SDI extender over fiber and HD-SDI digital camera application

    The front-end video and audio signal directly to the the video integrated platform, internal video lossless exchange by HD DVI HDMI output on a large screen monitor, internal with some encoder board also large storage network video and audio encoding disk arrays, large-scale video storage capacity and security able to have double protection; integrated platform with some SDI extender over fiber can also access each video RS-485 control signals, decoding board can flow through the network to take to decoding other DVR, DVS and network camera video stream and output to the display device. Ordinary applications offsite cascade by laying more fiber optic cable transmission, but the integrated platform built of light cascade function, can save more dedicated fiber optic line, to do lossless video exchange after transmission through an integrated platform to the two three integrated platform. Applications supporting the whole HD-SDI camera is already very well equipped to meet the diverse needs of the user.

SDI extender over fiber with HD-SDI camera applications in the face of comprehensive equipment can be resolved, but also to bring a lot of trouble. According to the feedback in the implementation of the project, the application issues include:

Many businesses claim to HD-SDI camera can directly upgrade the analog control system, avoiding the problem of transmission distance, the actual user if the pre-wiring of poor quality, can not even use the a 75-3 low quality cable transmission distance up to 80 meters, even with 75 - 5 high-quality cable generally can only transmit 150 meters, if the user already has a analog camera transmission distance, repeater or Optical transmission, the cost will be significantly improved.

Most HD-SDI camera output interface only HD-SDI signal output, installation and commissioning, the adjustment of the lens is a very important part of the video picture quality, with traditional analog and network camera local screen for easy viewing, commissioning personnel must be equipped with HD -SDI digital input port on the monitor to adjust the lens, only some of the manufacturers of the products will provide analog video output interface to facilitate the installation and commissioning.

Among the large-scale networking, network management system for the maintenance of the entire system has a very important role, and HD-SDI monitoring system does not have the special equipment network functionality also makes network management can not monitor the operational status of each device. Users also can not be adjusted based on the current needs of the device parameters.

Taking into account the cost factors, except for a few large investment Safe City projects the construction of large-scale HD-SDI monitoring system, HD-SDI system mainly throughout the large system of independent system, as a the entire monitoring a large network node, by a coaxial cable to transmit video and audio signals, control signals and even power may make it more widely.

Core technology HD-SDI camera sensor is different from the traditional definition network cameras, the main technical how do the conversion in sensor output video signal conversion processing. More existing programs can use FPGA and ASIC, mainly in image processing, addition SDI encoding conversion chip cost is relatively high, but also makes the cameras, HD DVR receiver end of the input and output video signal , monitor the cost of SDI Optical difficult to decline, the increase will make the chip cost down, reduce the cost of ancillary products, users will be more willing to accept future improvement and application of the technology of HD-SDI.

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