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Screen shaking, black screen appears in SDI Fiber Extender

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Screen shaking, black screen appears in SDI Fiber Extender

SD/HD/3G SDI Fiber extender or converter products are applied in the television studio, broadcast live early which is developed to 1080P HD monitoring field, with the reverse data and rate from 1.485G ( also known as 1.5G, corresponding to the SMPTE-292M standard, support720P ) and 2.97G ( also called3G, corresponding to the SMPTE-424M standard, FULL HD Full HD1080P ).

There are many SDI Fiber converter manufacturers in current market, but the vast majority of products could not pass SDI morbid code test, transmission standard rate signal.  The transmission irregular rate signal has a low probability in the 1.5G rate (720P or1080i ) problems ,but high in 3G rate (1080P ) problems.  The video transmission problem are mainly in the splash screen, black screen, the blue screen and could not smoothly playback picture. There are two main causes.  Firstly produce the HD SDI Fiber extender or converter by immature scheme or flaw design; Secondly, It is the cost factor: in the market, most of the SDI Fiber extenders use ordinary SFP optical module, which is the 1.25G rate or the 2.5G rate digital SFP optical module in stead of 1.5G and 3G regular optical module. In this case, there are sometimes inevitably transmission rate errors. HD SDI Fiber converter application areas need higher quality picture requirements,

There are also other factors to affect the quality and reliability of SDI extender and converts like ships, main board, circuit, The key is that we should improve every part to supply our users with the quality goods. Let our customers enjoy their full HD visual world

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