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Optical Fiber Transceiver applied in remote control

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Optical Fiber Transceiver applied in remote control

Institute Optical, and should be familiar with the field of security monitoring are aware. Haul optical fiber transmission, optical fiber itself is a very small impact on the signal, Optical equipment as an important turnaround in the transmission of video surveillance data directly affect the quality of the monitoring of the entire system.

Communications equipment as extended data transmission distances. Optical signal modulation, photoelectric conversion technology, optical transmission characteristics to achieve the purpose of the long-distance transmission. Under normal circumstances, the optical fiber terminal is divided into the transmitting and receiving terminals. Their mutual function is to achieve the conversion of the optical signal with the electrical signal. In order to better achieve remote data transmission.

Analog Optical from the advent of the moment, they get a lot of monitoring users of all ages. Traffic management, security monitoring, voice communications are able to see his shadow. Today, with the development of monitoring and transmission technology, the battle-hardened Optical technology has become to enter a new era. With the popularity of today's digital technology in the Optical field of digital technology instead of analog technology, has also become a significant trends of optical fiber communication technology. Compared to the Optical Digital Optical and analog technology, the technical processing in the end which further the development of it?


Signal transmission of different ways

For traditional analog PDH, it emits a light signal is analog light modulation signal, in the signal transmission, with the input of the analog carrier signal amplitude, frequency, phase variation caused by the amplitude of the optical signal changes in the frequency phase, respectively referred to as AM-FM phase modulation Optical working condition. While for Digital Optical, the same as with other digital equipment working principle. I.e. by a group of data of 0 and 1, the intensity of the optical signal difference. In order to achieve a higher quality, more accurate data transfer. Addition, for the problem of interference between the Analog Optical signals can easily arise in the transmission, the Digital Optical very clever multiplexed manner by means of large-capacity, will interfere with the easily into required.

Processing modes,

Either digital or analog devices, on input and output of the processing equipment are inevitable work. For simulation Optical, its processing manner is the amplitude of the video audio data is modulated on a high frequency carrier signal, so that the phase of the high-frequency carrier signal varies with the variation of amplitude of the video and audio data. Digital Optical input baseband video and audio data, the high resolution of the analog and digital interchangeable. Emitting portion of the optical signal in the work process, the digitally encoded 0/1 conversion, the receiving end and then the reversal of the original digitally coded audio, video and data signals, so as to better reduce the loss of information in the transmission process.

Fidelity to enhance the quality

Simulation Optical work process, the need for AM, FM modulation equal work, performing correlation processing, to be caused by the change in the amplitude of the signal with the carrier signal modulated amplitude, frequency phase changes achieve correspondence will much related to the video quality is good or bad. Simulation Optical difficult to achieve real linear swap the current technology, Analog Optical avoid signal distortion is still difficult to achieve. But for Digital Optical, due to which the error is only limited to the quantization error caused by the analog to digital conversion, which is almost sufficient to cause signal distortion. In this case, to ensure the authenticity of the image quality is still very easy to implement.

Stability enhancement

Optical uses carrier modulation in the previous simulation technology. Therefore, the carrier and the optical head is very easy because the influence of the temperature caused by changes in the quality of the transmission. It is also a reason. Resulting in some major projects in the Optical maintenance become very difficult issue of the user.

For Digital Optical, based on the characteristics of their work, these problems will easily be solved.

Compared using the Digital Optical and Analog Optical easier work smart, not only the many simulation technology is difficult to solve the problem can be easily resolved, and the cost of the work is also much more affordable, especially at the price of more than four Digital Optical, this advantage become more apparent. We can see, the Digital Optical regardless of price or technology, cost-effective absolute advantage, to win market share is an indisputable fact.

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