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how to survive together about HD-SDI optical transceiver and IP Optical Network

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how to survive together about HD-SDI optical transceiver and IP Optical Network
After massive emergence of HD-SDI optical transceiver at the end of 2011, HD-SDI Optical Transceiver and IP Optical Network have the contradiction of both birth in the security industry. On the practical application, their advantages and disadvantages are ofthen discussed by many vendors, but in fact, from the point of view of engineering pragmatic, IP and HD-SDI and analog video monitor products all contribute to improve the recognition rate of the monitor image with clarity, the same purpose, the application of consistent. The should be able to concomitant in HD monitoring applications. First, we look at the high-definition and high-resolution front-end; No matter it is IP or HD SDI, and its demands are to see clear monitoring picture, and good signal. There is no need to abandon either in applications opportunities, but how to coexist on the front end to use these different HD cameras?
To coexist in use, we must first consider the problem of transmission both located on the architecture, if the original system is coaxial transmission system that can be divided into two kinds of ways to solve  three coexistence Optical engineering. First in the framework of traditional coaxial cable, we can be installed in the IP network Optical backend SLOC (Signal Link Over Coaxial) transmitter and receiver unit using the principle of transmission and conversion mechanisms, IP HD the PDH able to use the original existing coaxial cable, the SLOC transmission equipment can also provide both TCP / IP signals and video video signal output, network routing architecture of the TCP / IP network signals enter the SLOC transmission equipment to receive and then restore the network signal to enter video image video signal into the existing analog video matrix or HD-SDI Optical or digital recorded organic DVR this part first solve the IP network Optical barriers in the traditional coaxial cable transmission, and also contributed to solve Can not replacement the simulation the main architecture or cable can not swap the dilemma.
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