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HDMI optical transceiver is applied in intelligent video monitor control system

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HDMI optical transceiver is applied in intelligent video monitor control system

Intelligent community monitor systerm uses the HDMI optical transceiver to transfer video. In burglar alarm and access control intercom system for monitoring and management of the entire cell, video surveillance module is one of the important components of community management center use of video surveillance systems acquisition corresponding to the various regions of the cell video signal. The video signal transmission system will be sent to the management center, to be monitored by the management center through the TV wall.

HDMI optical transceiver can be used to transmit the HDMI signal of the video image, and can be attached to other data transmission. It also can be multi-service long-distance transmission via an optical fiber to a monitoring equipment.http://www.fiberlinker.com/manufacturer-hdmi_extender_over_fiber_optic-10748.html

As the video surveillance system was used in the intelligent building system at first, the video signal uses coaxial cable for transmission by increasing the repeaters and other equipment. Since the coaxial cable to transmit video signal distance is sufficient, but  Once it is  applied to a larger area, the coaxial cable used to transmit the video signal is not competent. For developping a large range of transmission of the video signal, the twisted pair video signal transmission, and fiber optic video signal transmission come up.

HDMI Optical transceiver transmits the  large capacity signal through an optical fiber. The fidelity to obtain a large-scale applications, especially for the backbone network communication line transmission, costs continue to decline due to continuously enhance the production capacity of an optical fiber, optical fiber, a large number of optical fiber communicationinto civilian areas.

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