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HDMI Extender over fiber is indispensable in Long-distance video transmission

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HDMI Extender over fiber is indispensable in Long-distance video transmission

   In a large area, a large factory security projects, as long as the transmission distance up to 800 meters, HDMI extender over fiber  is essential transmission equipment. The relatively simple HDMI extender over fiber business applications, video transmission and manipulation of the background on the front-end PTZ another audio transmission is less, in some projects, we have applied to the intercom and business.

Product selection, you give us full autonomy to decide what the appropriate equipment according to project requirements. Practical applications, the use of long-distance transmission of HDMI Optical video, did not encounter issues such as crosstalk, but closer observation, still be able to find the image noise increased. We have applied for HDMI Optical 2,3 years, during which equipment is running very stable, long-distance transmission, low cost HDMI Optical dominate. Later if additional optical port directly to the fast ball and other equipment, then the application will be more convenient.

HDMI  optical transceiver (HDMI extender) usually apply in video, telephone, intercom and business. HDMI  optical transceiver transmission equipment, often encounter the construction of trouble: line excavation, coordination of large problems, while the cost of the equipment is also relatively high. Therefore, in the long-distance transmission, we prefer low maintenance, no wiring, low-cost wireless transmission applications. Of course, the wireless transmission also has its limitations, namely the interface is too small, and generally can not meet the video, audio, and control signals, while sending, therefore, we have adopted the HDMI signal first access Optical wireless devices, and then output by the HDMI Optical upcoming HDMI Optical converter uses synchronous transmission of a variety of signal, eliminating the need for construction and fiber costs. The application of the wireless transmission is point-to-point, quick and easy, and can meet most of the civilian security transmission bandwidth demand, as long as the good lightning protection work, the application prospects than the average video Optical.

Residential, hospitals, military, prison is not great demand for HDMI Optical prison demand up, but the products. The prison provided a variety of high-voltage protection measures easily interfere with the security system, demanding anti-jamming capability for HDMI Optical HDMI Optical presence of anti-jamming design flaws found in the application will have to require manufacturers to solve This is the problem. In practical applications, we often improve equipment performance, additional grounding, shielding, and other anti-jamming measures to reduce the interference caused by the prison environment equipment.

HDMI  optical transceiver power design is very important, if the design is not ideal, anti-interference and stability are greatly affected. In addition, the BNC street handle, to adopt high-quality materials, or prone to poor contact oxidation applications.

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