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HDMI Converter Application

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HDMI Converter Application

Differences between converters and adapters

We know that common VGA interface, AV and s-video interfaces are analog signal interface, transmitting analog signals, but DVI, HDMI interface is the interface of digital signal, transmitting digital signals. To turn the analog signal into a digital signal, analog-digital conversions must be made; this work must be done by converters of analog-digital conversion chip. DVI HDMI adapter chips process is not required, just change the interface pins. DVI VGA adapter or simple digital-analog conversion circuit is OK.

HDMI Converter Working Mode

In addition to the conversion of the analog to digital, HDMI converter of important tasks is consolidation, synchronization of audio and video transmissions. As we all know, one HDMI cable can also "fix" audio and video transmission, including DVI, VGA, s-video, video interface, connection on your TV, after the projector needs to be a separate audio cable, or there is no sound only picture. Therefore, when we use HDMI converter, you can input video signal and audio signal simultaneously, and then convert it and outputs HDMI signals. Because the HDMI output signal contains the digital audio signal, VGA HDMI you need transfer is a special VGA HDMI converters can be achieved.

VGA to HDMI adapter

The urgent pursuit of high-definition images with the majority of users, Beijing Fiber linker video signal converters in the transmission of video signals support for HD audio signal transmission, while supporting higher resolution and refresh rate, let you easily experience the high-definition home theater fun.

You want to feel big-screen high-definition visual feast? You want to watch a variety of popular movies anytime, anywhere? Now, with more and more high-definition movie video release, as well as the popularity of broadband, the demand of the people grows. However, we usually use the computer are generally VGA port, to be replaced by a better signal HDMI signal, it is necessary to go through a VGA to HDMI conversion.

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