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HD video conference requirements

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HD video conference requirements

HD video conference requires all equipments which are HD digital compatible. Video conference enables participants to enjoy HD video. Data compression of all terminals should support HD, in addition, to achieve high-quality video conferencing, network bandwidth is also an indispensable factor. HD interactive video sessions require a minimum data transfer rate of 1Mbit/s. For best results, it is recommended that data transfer rates of up to or exceeding 2Mbit/s, through an increase in broadband, best audio results, and additional content-sharing devices, such as PC text input, DVD, or high resolution cameras. Network QoS are also necessary, it can guarantee stability during video conferencing results.

For high resolution images, you need to configure 16:9 standard supporting true HD (at least 720p) cameras. Best camera and video conferencing terminal equipment should be used. This ensures optimal camera and terminal equipment features, so as to get the best end-to-end HD video conferencing experience

HD video displays (LCD, plasma or projector) must support the minimum 720p level resolution. In addition, the monitor should be equipped with interfaces that support best HD signal, such as DVI-I digital interface or YPrPb component input interface. More than 5 m DVI cable attenuation or may cause image quality of video display error that cannot be predicted. Buy high quality HD video and terminal devices, you can avoid this type of problem.

In high resolution in multipoint video conferencing, there are at least two groups of participants from a variety of locations (terminals) to participate in meetings HD MCU required to bridge all the calls. Of course, the MCU must support true HD (at least 720p) and hold the 30 frames per second, so as to enable multipoint video calls reach point-to-point which could be effectiver. We recommend from the same manufacturer to buy video conferencing MCU and terminals, so as to ensure the best end-to-end performance. Finally, the MCU must be standardized (H.264) products, so as to achieve interoperability and scalability to meet as many more calls 

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