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HD-SDI video in CCTV and broadcasting program transmission

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HD-SDI video in CCTV and broadcasting program transmission

We are introducing the concept of HD-SDI transmission technology briefly. HD-SDI transmission is achieved throughout Coaxial cable or Fiber or TCP/IP or Twist pair cable ect .

So if this means that HD leveled image can be transmitted using conventional SD-CCTV cable installed already in fields. For example, camera has HD-SDI output and DVR support monitoring and recording in a way that conventional SD-CCTV does. 

In fact. It could but we would not suggest so. Because HD-SDI signal is digital and un-compression and real-time signal and it would take up big bandwidth. So SD-cctv cable is poor quality to HD-SDI signal transmission. Maybe the distance is only 30-70meter base on the cable quality.At the same time , Not only images but also Audio, Control signal and Power can be achieved or transmitted via coaxial cable or fiber or TCP/IP .

HD-SDI transmission method Technology verified in TV broadcast standard SMPTE-xxx standard defining HD-SDI transmission technology is standard established in SMPTE (the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). SMPTE standards are defined as HD-SDI transmission standard as well. The standard is being used for HD image transmission purpose between devices in worldwide TV broadcast market since 1990 and this transmission technology is technically verified and approved officially in the market at this point. Since that from 2009, there are movement to adopt HD-SDI transmission technology into security market.  Especially since HDcctv Alliance organization was established, it has been dedicating itself to apply HD-SDI transmission standard to security market along with developing SMPTE standard until now. This organization also tries to standardize requirements from cable, connector, measuring instruments and security products to launch HD-SDI transmission technology into HD-CCTV market successfully.

Furthermore, it introduces certification on product performances to secure product reliability related to this technology. With the effort of HDcctv Alliance and manufacturer HD-CCTV related products such as camera, repeater and DVR are being certified.

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