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HD-SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver makes long distance transmission ture

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HD-SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver makes long distance transmission ture
The great drawbacks of the analog monitor system could not meet long-distance transmission and monitoring. The system uses the intranet networking, data security protection, but from the actual needs, can not meet the demand of the people.

In the transformation process of the analog to HD monitor, HD-SDI pushed to the front line; most traditional engineering suppliers, users, upgrade to a high-definition monitor, both without additional learning costs, network monitoring increased saving and converting some indirect costs. Strictly speaking, such monitoring transformation Although in theory possible. So not to say that the HD-SDI transmission on this sign off it?

As we all know, the HD-SDI rate of up to 1.5Gbps, the transformation process of the digital-to-analog monitoring interface and cable is difficult to achieve the requirements of SDI, has a high demand for high-speed transmission system stability. Therefore, we can reduce the transmission rate of the HD-SDI to adapt to the actual environment of the transmission. Does not affect image quality and latency issues, reduce the rate to ease the pressure of the system is stable, and the blessing of the related technology to protect the transmission beyond 300 meters.

HD-SDI technology upgrade for multi-domain applications

Currently, many of the optical transceiver vendors are front-end equipment for the HD-SDI developed the SDI interface Optical. Very simple, from iPhone, iPad impact on consumers, manufacturers do application terminal will be the development of goals toward IOS. Similarly, the view from the HD-SDI market applications, the products are being rolled out on the downstream industry chain monitoring from the front end to the back-end storage, and then to monitor from the video matrix display; When products occupy a certain market, the price will naturally caused with quantitative and qualitative changes.

The same IP network monitoring, the birth of a product and marketing takes time. Predecessors IP HD foundation, it will slowly get used to the convenience brought about by the digital monitoring; basis of digital high-definition monitor, people will see the analog monitor "is" out of the figure.
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