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DVI Extender over fiber in exhibition hall application

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DVI Extender over fiber in exhibition hall application

Along with the deepening of the market, both supply and demand urgent need businesses through a variety of channels to communicate effectively, and thus deal. Among the many exchanges flat tai, talent market and MICE way to becoming one of the most important and fastest growing public platform.

With the Shanghai World Expo, the whole country more and more medium-sized exhibition venues, the exhibition area of ​​300 million square meters, has more than so-called "country of the world exhibition" German pavilion area, with a number of international standards modern exhibition venues.

In the rapid development of exhibition industry, there have been some problems. Because of the involvement of so many people and businesses, the two sides there is a process of finding and negotiation, in the absence of clear and convenient information bulletin platform with the help of the venue will often present a state of disorder and confusion, the efficiency has also been very big impact.

Many enterprises in order to attract the audience, had to take posters, etc. publish corporate information, although to a certain extent, played a propaganda role in guiding, but the various posters varied, neither the relevant departments to facilitate unified management, but also the entire exhibition Hall's image is affected. While pasting posters and other promotional material they need to be cleared up before the booths available to other companies, which not only increases the burden on the competent authorities, but also greatly reduces the exhibition resources utilization efficiency.

On the other hand, since the hall is very concentrated occasions staff is very competent authorities need coordination, management, especially when there is an emergency, need timely information management department will be transmitted rapidly to those present. Therefore, building a unified management platform for real-time announcement is necessary.

Therefore, in order to better provide services for businesses and visitors; exhibition facilities and resources in order to improve the efficient use; competent authorities in order to facilitate the management and coordination; entire exhibition hall in order to enhance the image and service quality. Need to build a unified management, to facilitate speedy public information service platform.

DVI  extender over fiber via a standard single mode fiber transmission of high-resolution computer video most as far as 80 kilometers, great savings fiber resources. Transmitter loop-through for the local computer monitor. The receiver has an output port. Transmitter and receiver LED indicators for power, video and optical signals. DVI  extender over fiber systems that require high-resolution computer-video signals long-distance transmission, is highly flexible professional systems. The system is specially used in professional A / V, security systems, campus environment, industrial monitoring and large venue (stadium), so as to meet the access from a remote computer or computer video signal needs. Since the data is transmitted through the fiber, virtually no interference.

DVI  extender over fiber  characteristics:

1.6GHz Video Bandwidth

Up to RGB resolution up to 1900 × 1200

Up through an1-core optical fiber transmission DVI video

Support brightness, contrast adjustment

Supports sampling clock frequency adjustment

Supports sampling clock phase adjustment

All real-time transmission of high-quality, no delay

Has strong anti-interference ability, can work in a relatively harsh environment

Farthest transmission distance up to 120Km

Support hot swap function

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