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Digital TV Transmission and surveillance system

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Digital TV Transmission and surveillance system

I. Introduction
Digital TV operators and service providers need to have a full service and equipment failure monitoring system, the purpose of real-time, rapid detection system running error to determine and report on the severity of the error, while providing analysis results suggest that in order to facilitate the repair of the fault, if necessary provide automatic emergency means.

2. the digital television service quality monitoring
 Needed in order to ensure the normal operating system services, following several jobs (1) real-time monitoring system equipment operating status ② encoding the output monitoring encoded image quality (3) monitor stream state of each link in the transmission system.
 Various devices in the system should have its own state and fault alarm and network management functions, but in the case of all equipment reported normal working state, the service signal error may still exist, signal monitoring equipment to monitor.
 Image transmission is the ultimate goal of digital TV services. But no matter what way, the image quality monitoring system equipment and operating costs are high,and only in the central front-end operations center.
 Thanks to the development of digital technology and network technology, simply monitoring the various states of the individual transmission links in the digital stream, can determine the digital TV service, with low equipment and operating costs to monitor as many points the combination of the formation of a full centralized control with distributed monitoring system.

3. The digital television transmission monitoring system
  a. Monitoring point location
 The monitoring of the digital television transmission, it should be a repeater and a signal processing in the digital signal transmission chain, converting the place settings monitoring equipment.
  b. Monitoring signals
  Monitoring is the most basic of basic transport stream, depending on the actual network, with a corresponding signal to the the basic flow signal conversion interface device.

3. Network management system
    Number of monitoring points on the digital television service network may be very large, the need for a centralized network management system, at the same time each monitoring point device must also support networking features Agreement.

4, The concrete realization of the monitoring system
  A. Remote control interface and protocol
 Transmission monitoring node in the system and central control device's network interface 10/100M Ethernet interface, and control via LAN or WAN.
  B. Basic flow monitoring parameters
  Monitoring parameter contains the the TR101290 technical specification 1,2,3-level error monitoring, as well as SI changes, bandwidth changes, service and PID bandwidth domain.
 C. Alarm and records
 The alarm settings templating according to the actual needs of the system can set the scene, for example: "PID = 64 data flows are less than 2Mbps and higher than 6Mbps alarm. TR101290 test parameters under alarm threshold can be set separately. Alarm and event monitoring points of the machine and the central control machine has been recorded. Alarm template stored in the local and remote configuration and download.
 D. The node monitoring equipment structure
 Node equipment Stream Analyzer, its core is embedded RISC processor and large-scale FPGA input interface for ASI, QPSK and QAM demodulator interface for selection. Local alarm and status display indicator, relay output.
5. Network topology
Each node in the test system via LAN or WAN connection to the central control of machine, the topology usually computer Ethernet structure is consistent with

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