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Digital broadcasting definition and tendency of development

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Digital broadcasting definition and tendency of development

Digital broadcasting refers to the digitized audio signals, video signals, as well as various data signals, the digital state for a variety of coding, modulation, transmission, and processing such. In the process, passing the characteristics of the medium itself, including the noise, nonlinear distortion, etc., and can not change the quality of the digital signal. The digital broadcast technology for digital transmission, emission, various disturbances in the error caused by the self-correcting process in the receiving process, produced from the program to the transmitter, receiving the whole process to achieve high quality, thereby enhancing the overall technical performance of the broadcast system.

Digital Audio Broadcasting originated in Germany. The digital broadcasting technology is based on the Eureka 147 standard, i.e., digital audio broadcasting (DAB) system standard. January 1, 1988, the European formally implements of Eureka 147 standard. In 1994, Eureka-147 standard by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is recognized as an international standard. So far, nearly 30 countries and regions in the world carry out broadcasting or trial broadcast digital audio broadcasting (DAB) programs. In the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and other European countries, the coverage rate of the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) has reached a very high level, 330 million people around the world listen to digital audio broadcasting (DAB). .

Digital multimedia broadcasting technology based on the Eureka 147 standard developed in the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries has been also matured. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is drafting the multimedia video business DAB technical standards. In Asia, the South Korean government harmonization of digital audio / multimedia broadcasting various links of the industry chain, has developed a DAB set of technical standards-based multimedia broadcasting technology, a large number of receivers have been ready for production with the commercial level.



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