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Current market analysis of HD-SDI extender over fiber

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Current market analysis of HD-SDI extender over fiber

In the past two years, HD-SDI extender over fiber is not a lot of popularity, perhaps it is because of  its high-cost, high operating costs inseparable relationship. In short time, HD-SDI may not occupy the mainstream position in the security industry, it may just be network HD ancillary products. User acceptance of HD-SDI technology and cost is to promote a key factor in its development. One of the key factors restricting the development of HD-SDI transmission distance, HD-SDI camera transmission distance is about 100 meters, to be transferred further need the help of the optical transceiver. Optical output HD-SDI to bring their prices are high, it will affect the HD-SDI to promote the important reasons for this problem, the introduction of the HD transmission of HD-SDI Optical as the breakthrough point is a good direction.

HD Extender is the use of coaxial cable for HD-SDI only a short distance transmission upgrade R & D technology can extend the transmission distance relative, but there is a specific application of environment, not suitable for long-distance transmission. Can not fundamentally solve the problem, but it can reduce the relative HD-SDI system construction costs. Another technique is the HD-SDI Optical, this technology is mainly used in the environment of the transmission distance, the optical transmission play a very good role in the transition, the resolution of the HD-SDI transmission. Another technology is the the analog HD Hybrid Optical R & D, the technology can solve the transmission upgrade from analog to HD, HD results. HD-SDI Optical and traditional Optical price decrease compared to the corresponding lower the cost of the HD-SDI system.

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