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Coaxial cable used in video transmission area

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Coaxial cable used in video transmission area

Let’s talk about the one of three solutions in video transmission. That is the video transmission over coax

1, The coaxial cable is generally a small monitoring system, as the transmission distance close to a coaxial cable directly monitor image quality of the image is not damaged, can meet the actual requirements. When the transmission distance up to 200 meters, the image quality will be significantly decreased, especially the color becomes dull; there is a sense of distortion. In engineering practice, in order to extend the transmission distance, must use coaxial amplifiers. Coaxial video amplifier signal has a certain degree of amplification, and also by the different frequency components equalization compensation of different sizes, respectively, but the transmission distance is limited. Although there have been on the market now 2000 meters video coaxial transmission equipment, able to solve the problem of individual long-distance image transmission. But the cost is slightly higher, suitable for large-scale monitoring systems widely used.

In addition, the coaxial cable to transmit the image signal in monitoring system, still has some drawbacks:

1), the coaxial cable itself is large affected by climate change, the image quality be affected;
2), thick coaxial cable wiring in the intensive surveillance applications is not easy;
3), most of the existing coaxial cable used to transmit video signals only if the system has other signals to be transmitted, additional wiring is required;
4), coaxial cable, anti-jamming capability is limited, can not be used in noisy environments;
5), coaxial amplifier adjustment difficulties, there are still shortcomings.

But in short distance video transmision, this solution could save the project budget, and sometimes, it is convenient, since many old building have the coxial cable, not fiber.

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